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Ephesus Attractions

Ephesus Shore Excursions

Ephesus Ancient City

It is a great loss to come to Aydın Kuşadası or İzmir Selçuk and not to see the ancient city of Ephesus. When you decide to visit the ruins of Ephesus I would definitely recommend using the professional guidance service. The Ephesus ruins in June-August are very hot from 11 am to 15 am, and the sun rays and the heat reflected from the stones may disturb you. If you want to visit the ruins of Ephesus, you should wear comfortable clothes that are open to you for the day; Sunglasses, hats and sport shoes. You should also drink as much as you can.

Ephesus Ruins Map

The entrance fee to Ephesus ruins is 25 TL. The student price is 15 TL. You can enter the museum and ruins for an unlimited period of 1 year by paying 25 TL at the entrance to Harabel and taking a Museum Card. Museum card for students is 15 TL. (It is extra concrete to see Slope Houses in Ephesus ruins, the museum card is not valid here.)
From the Hellenistic period, this city, which reached daily, occasionally experienced major earthquakes, collapsed and rebuilt. Due to the alluvium brought by the Menderes River, the port city has lost its feature. Ephesus is a 2 km area for sightseeing. Today, 15% of the ruins of Ephesus have been brought to light. Tourists coming from Kuşadası Harbor with great ships visit Ephesus ruins and Virgin Mary’s House all year round.
Ephesus is a historic Greek city located on the western coast of Turkey and dating from the Roman period of Izmir to the Selçuk district. It is one of the 12 cities of Ionia in the classical Greek era. Foundation Polished Stone Age BC It’s 6000 years old. Ephesus was the capital of the Asian state during the Roman Empire. Because of its position, it was also one of the important port cities that had been serving as a bridge between west and east at that time. It is very important for us to be home because Ephesus, the temple of Artemis, is also home to us, besides the commercial and political importance that we have in the past. Ephesus, which is a place where science, art and culture are famous in many fields, was adopted as a pilgrimage site by Christians today because it is also the first place where Christianity spreads.

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