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Travel Guide and Tips

Planning your vacation? Whatever exciting adventure you embark on next, keep in mind that there are ways you can make your travels more relax, hassle free and enjoyable. Here are some handy tips.

Plan Your Holiday

When you book your travel online with us, you will get your confirmation via e-mail. Make sure all your travel details, names, flight tickets, pick up points & times and travel dates are correct.

Get In Touch With Your Bank

Please do not forget to let your bank know, before you travel where and when. Your card can flagged or blocked for unusual acivity while you are travelling for your security.

Use Hotel Safe/Security Box

When sightseeing in the city or going to the pool or beach, don’t carry all your valuables such as passport (Take only copy of your passport) with you.  Also, never leave cards unattended.

Exchange Cash In Advance

Bring along just enough local currency for immediate small expenses such as taxi fares. If you need more cash, you can withdraw from ATMs at your destination.