Information on the Things to Do in Kusadasi

Information on the Things to Do in Kusadasi I have been somewhat reproachful of Kusadasi previously. However taking after advancements in the town; I’m warming up to it and now exceedingly respected it for the well known universal notoriety it has developed. It is likewise amazingly difficult to disregard the way that there are plenty […]

Magnesia on the Meander – Chapter 2

Touching base at the Stadium of Magnesia Subsequent to strolling 20 minutes in the wrong bearing, our companion got back to us to state the following site to see was the stadium. At this point, the noontime warmth was glaring down on us, and sweat was streaming down my scalp. The prospect of another tough […]

Magnesia on the Meander

Magnesia on the Meander I’d drove past the sign for Magnesia old city ruins ordinarily. Scarcely discussed or included in manuals, I figured there was very little to see, yet interest still made me need to visit. So a month ago, our interest photography assemble heaped into the autos and advanced there. Sitting in the […]

princes island

Istanbul Princes Island

Prices Island Princes Island is the biggest of the islands of Istanbul, known as Prince Islands by nonnatives. The previous name is Prinkipo. As of now “Prinkipo” signifies “enormous” in Greek. On the most astounding pinnacle of the island are the Aya Yorgi Church and Aya Yorgi Monastery. The primary structure there is M.S. It […]

burgaz island

Istanbul Burgaz Island

Burgaz Island Burgaz Island, the Greek name Αντιγόνη (Antigoni); Istanbul (Prince) is the third in size of the islands. It is round and its width is around 2 km. Bayrak Tepe is the main slope on the island. The island is secured with an Indian backwoods (some of which were singed in 2003). Antigone, the […]

marmara island

Marmara Island

Marmara Island  Marmara Island is Turkey‘s second biggest island. The Marmara island, which has a region of 117.18 kilometers, is loaded with little uneven zones. After Marmara Island, Marmara Island, which has the greatest name of the island, is worked day by day by means of Istanbul. The vegetation is as bounteous as different islands […]

avsa island

Istanbul Avsa Island

Avsa Island Situated on the Sea of Marmara, Avşa Island is one of the tourism focuses. The shorelines on the island are great. Since the organizing is situated on the drift, the settlement ranges are situated on the drift. You can spend a ton of fun in the celebrated Altinkum. Altinkum does not represent a […]


Istanbul Bozcaada

Istanbul Bozcaada Bozcaada, an island associated with Canakkale in the north of the Aegean Sea, is Turkey‘s third biggest island. The island is 37-6 km2 in size, with 12 bays and 12 burbs. There are 17 little islands around the island. The island is affected by the Mediterranean atmosphere and has a low mugginess. The […]


Istanbul Gokceada

Gokceada Gokceada is Turkey’s biggest island. Get your own water in your own specific manner, getting a charge out of crisp water assets and a lot of oxygen. It is the wealthiest island of the Aegean regarding normal water assets. The island, situated at the westernmost tip of Turkey, is where the sun was last […]

Galatasaray Island

Galatasaray Island and Olympic Pool

Galatasaray is the island which was given to Sarkis Balya in 1872 by Sultan Abdulaziz. Consequently, this island has been called Sarkış Bey Island for a long time. In 1914 Company-i Hayriye began to utilize this island as a coal store and later served as a station giving fuel to the ferry. In 1957, Galatasaray Sports […]