The Treasures of Gordion (Ankara) Turkey – Chapter 1,

At the beginning of the ninth century before Christ, a powerful Phrygian state was established in Central Anatolia. The capital city of this state was Gordon, named after King Gordios. According to legend the Phrygian King died before producing an, they’re to take over his throne. The astrologers got together and decided that they would choose to ask the first man to enter the city gates at sunrise the following morning. The next morning a farmer called Gordios was entering the city with his ox cart. As soon as he passed through the gate he was lifted up and seated on the throne. After getting over his first confusion Gordios proved to be a good king and extended the borders of the state. His son Midas succeeded him to the throne. The life of Midas is interwoven with legend. He wished that everything he touched should turn to gold and when this wish became true became the unhappy donkey-eared Midas. Later Gordon became the city where the Macedonian King Alexander the Great spent the winter during his campaign through Asia. The legend of Alexander cutting the knot with his sword also took place in Gordon, and the famous Kings Road passed through the city. Until the twentieth century the exact location of the city of Gordion was not known, but in 1901 two German railway engineers called the Korte brothers investigated a large mound near the village of Yassihoyuk 29 km. northeast of Polatli. They carried out excavations into five of the grave mounds here called Tumuli, and their first findings established that here was the site of the city of Gordion and that the almost one hundred small and large tumuli were the city’s graveyard.

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