Atatürk Orman Çiftliği was founded on the land of Ataturk at the request of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in the west of Ankara in 1925. Atatürk Forest Farm, which pioneered the agriculture of Turkey, was donated to the treasure in the direction of Atatürk’s order in 1937. Today, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, depending on the legal entity continues to exist as an organization. Atatürk Forest Farm has important areas like Turkey’s largest zoo, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s home in Thessaloniki, historical Black Sea Pool and State Cemetery.
It is thought that the tower-shaped clock located at the entrance of the administration building on the farm of 102 thousand hectares was built in 1926 for the workers working on the farm to comply with the working hours. While there is no definite information on this subject, the clock is still working today.
Atatürk Orman Çiftliği was registered as a first degree site in 1922. The 46 hectare area of the farm known as the Gazi Facility has been reorganized as the 3rd Degree Site in 2011.

Atatürk House

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s 100th Birthday was held on November 10, 1981 as a ceremony. Entrance to the house, which is similar to the Ataturk House in Thessaloniki, is free.
Atatürk Forest Farm Museum and Exhibition Hall: The building which was used as a wine factory in the first years was opened as a museum and exhibition hall after the restoration works. The museum exhibits old tools, machinery and equipment used in the ranch. Entrance to the museum is free and you can visit between 08.00 – 17.00 hrs.
Gazi Forest Farm Park: The park is located on a 6 acre area with children playgrounds, seating areas, various tree species, rose garden, pool and seasonal flowers.

What can you do at Ataturk Forest Farm?

Atatürk Orman Çiftlik”ne suggest that those who fall absolutely kokorec food. Because the zoo is in a state of renovations, you can have a pleasant weekend in the jungle using the picnic areas.

Atatürk Forest Farm Visit Hours

You can visit the farm between 08.30 – 17.00 during the winter season, between 08.30 – 18.00 during the week and between 08.30 – 19.00 during the weekend.