This is Ankara’s first industrial museum. Even the first and the sole will be a more accurate definition. In the museum, it is possible to see many tools and works related to the development of the industrial industry. It is not only about industrialization, it also exhibits a museum on photographs and photographs about Ataturk.
Çengelhan, where the museum took place, is going back to the Ottoman period. Süleyman the Magnificent, one of the most magnificent sultans, is built during the inn. The architect is Rüstem Bey, the wife of Mihrimah Sultan. It was built as a classic caravanserai used during the Ottoman period. There were bazaars and hotels in the middle. It is known as the busiest marketplace in Ankara. The building was abandoned for many years. Later, the building was restored by Rahmi Koç from the Ministry of Culture and opened as a museum.
The museum is overlooking Ankara from a hill. The Ankara castle is well ahead of the museum. When you get there, you can see Ankara bird’s eye view. While the building was being restored, it did not lose anything from its historical texture. Successful rituals and lines of Ottoman architecture take place in the building. The museum is again operated by a Koç brand Divan. One of the rooms of the caravansaray was a bakery and a cafe. So guests can taste Divan flavors here. At the same time, Divan Hotel was established in the hotel part of the caravanserai. In other words, even if you can not fully acquire the role of history, with the establishment of associations such as hotels and cafes, the role of the caravanserai in history has been tried to be caught.

The museum has its own shop and it is possible to find many items in this store. If you have come to Ankara and you have not bought a commemorative item, you will be able to shop here. From postcards, amulets, jewelery and many ornaments are presented to visitors at the museum shop. In bedesten shops you can see beautiful handcrafts from each other. Products such as carpets, rugs and tiles are offered for sale in bedesten shops.
There are also places to find snacks and delicious delicacies. At Tearoom you can taste sandwiches or snacks with sweet, cookies. You can enjoy a little tea or coffee, before or after you tour the museum.
In the museum you will see works that shed light on the development of the industrial industry. At the entrance of the museum there is a shop and work office where Vehbi Koç first worked. When you start to visit the rooms in the museum, you can see interesting works in transportation, aviation, road transport and medicine. Very important works are exhibited in the museum in order that new generations can understand the history a little. Old cars, planes, radios, communication systems, weapons, and many other artifacts that you can not think of … You have to say that the museum is close to three objeny.

Ankara Rahmi Koç Museum Visit Hours

To mark the time when the museum is closed, the eve and first days of religious festivals are closed. The museum is closed on 31 December and 01 January. Except Monday, it is open every day of the week. You can visit the museum between 10.00 and 17.00.