Estergon Castle is located within the boundaries of Kecioren Municipality. Estergon Castle, which was opened on May 29, 2005, exhibits a museum and artifacts reflecting Turkish culture. The castle, which was named after the historic Estergon Castle on the banks of the Danube River, which has a great prescription for Turkish history, has been one of the important places reflecting the daily history and culture of Turkish history with the Ethnographic Museum and Asian Gardens. Kalede; Shop floor, Oren Köşk Solid, viewing terrace.

Parts of the Estergone Column

Cultural Center: Located in the Cultural Center in Estergon Castle; Traditional motifs of traditional Turkish art. Again, the subtleties of world art have taken place in the Cultural Center. The Estergon Turkish Cultural Center, where the octagonal body of the Red Tower located at the Alanya Castle was taken as an example, was ornamented with inspiration from the hair braids of the Seljuk sultans.
Ören Köşk (Restaurant): We can say that you can easily see the magnificent view of Ankara in Ören Köşk, offering traditional Turkish-Islamic architecture.
The entrance of the Cultural Center, called the Crown Gate, was built under the inspiration of the entrance gate of the Karatay Madrasa, which was started to be constructed in the time of the Seljuks of Turkey and completed in 1251. Taç Kapı, which presents the most beautiful examples of hand work, is made entirely of marble.

The magnificent and attention-grabbing workmanship welcomes visitors from Taç Kapi, a city that is built with the inspiration of the entrance gate of Isfendiyar Han’s palace in Hvva, Uzbekistan. There are 14 shops in the entrance of the castle and various souvenirs are also sold.
It is useful to remind you that you will have the luxury of getting support from crystal scarecrows when going up and down the museum floor at the top, and that there are Kütahya Tile designs on the pedestals of the stairs you step on.

Estergon Castle Visiting Times
You can visit Estergon Castle from 10.00 to 22.00 every day.