Elmadag Ski Center is a ski center located 17 km south of Ankara, on the northern part of Elmadag Pace. You can spend your weekends with great pleasure at the ski resort, which is one of the important winter tourism destinations for the capital and its surroundings. Due to its close proximity to the city, you can easily reach with your personal vehicle.
The season at the ski resort usually starts in the first week of January and continues until March. The areas where the rocks are located are covered with meadows and there are no trees. There is a 548 meter telescope with a capacity of 720 people at the ski center and the length of the track is 1 kilometer. It is possible to take part in the nature walk around the runway, which is divided into two levels, easy and medium difficulty. You can spend an enjoyable weekend with your loved ones at Elmadağ Ski Center, which is a frequent place for Ankara people for the fresh air as well as away from the noise of the city outside the ski season.

The ski resort with terrestrial climate is located between 1500 and 1850 meters. You can do winter sports for about 4 months at the ski center where the average snow thickness varies between 30 and 60 cm. In the past winter, there are about 4,000 people in the ski center who are experienced skiers, as well as sections where you can buy ski equipment.
If we mention that Ankara is an important ski center for the capital Ankara and surrounding provinces, we can say that it is behind the other ski resorts in our country. Because of the presence of stones in the ski areas and the fact that the ski lift is not comfortable enough, the most complaints about the visit are at the beginning of the topics. If the ski center is not taken care of, we can say in a few years that this area will only be a picnic. Nevertheless, it still has an important place for Ankara.
Information about the track: The ski park is 650 meters long and is short and upright. Therefore, it is a very ideal track especially for the action lovers. The track is divided into easy and medium difficulty levels with no area trees.
Transportation Facilities: Elmadağ Ski Center has two teleses with a length of 300 and 650 meters. The carrying capacity of the long telescope is 720 persons per hour.

Elmadağ Ski Center Accommodation and Hotel Facilities

In the ski resort; There are ski houses owned by METU, Hacettepe, Ankara University and Youth – Sports General Directorate. There is also a hotel and 2 restaurants. Turban Hotel with 33 beds capacity; Indoor swimming pool, sauna, discotheque and restaurant. In addition, Air Force Commander’s teleski, snowboard vehicle and cafeteria serve.