The Grand National Assembly Museum Ankara

a) Chancery of State: The room of the Board of Executive Ministers (The Ministerial Council) contains large photographs of Ataturk as he appeared at that time, and of the members and president of the Board of Executive Ministers, a table and other original furnishings.
b) Canonical Committee Room: This room is furnished as it was when the first parliament opened. There are also photographs of Ataturk after he became a veteran and was given the rank of Marshal.
c) Rest Room: Here are exhibited an oil painting of Ataturk when he first came to Ankara on December 27, 1919, plans and maps used during the Liberation War, and objects and documents used by the first parliament.
d) Committee Room: Furniture of the period is exhibited here. A valuable carpet presented as a gift to the Assembly is hung on the wall.
e) Conference Hall: Against the opposite wall of the hall is the presidential dais, and to the right and left of the dais, the rows of seats for the assembly members. The Conference Hall has been carefully arranged in accordance with its former appearance, and there are photographs of the members of the National Assembly. On the dais is a bust of Ataturk in the clothing he wore at the time of the Liberation War, and on the wall above, an inscription in Arabic script reading “Sovereignty for the Nation”. The Committee Room at the First TGNA Museum
f) Presidential Room: This room, called the “Gazi Room” contains a carpet a table, a few arm chairs, and pictures of Ataturk.
g) Mosque: This small room was used as a mosque by the first Assembly. It is furnished with prayer carpets. The administrative offices of the Assembly are now used as administrative offices for the museum.