Side Museum and Karin Museum in Antalya

Side Museum: Side is on the Antalya – Alanya road, in the district of Manavgat. The museum is located in an ancient Roman bath, which was restored by Prof. Dr. A. M. Mansel financed by the Devres family. The works which had previously been stored in the village of Selimiye were put in the Roman bath, which was opened to the public in 1963. In the big hall, which was originally the tepidarium and dressing room of the bath, and has a marble floor, are exhibited orthostats, busts, a statue of Nike, a basalt basin, bulls’ heads, a sacrificial altar, and inscriptions.
Status of women and Zeus have been placed in the rooms in the small domed salon at the entrance. In the two rooms beyond this, which have vaulted roofs, are the swimming and bathing pools of the hammam. Among the works in these rooms are bas-reliefs depicting the punishment of Ixion, and the birth of Venus, statues of Nike and Aesculapius, pieces of sarcophagi depicting Eros, a statue of the three beauties, sculpted heads of children, Tykhe, Heracles, Eros, the Amazons, and Aphrodite, statuettes of Zeus, Thyke and Eros, lamps made of glass, bronze and pottery, tear bottles, incense holders and ring stones. Busts and statues have been placed in the wall niches. There are statues of Apollo, Hermes, Nike, Aesculapius, Tykhe, the Athlete Tying His Sandal, the Sphinx, and an armed emperor; heads of men and women, sarcophagi depicting Eros, and a grave altar.

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Karain Museum:
Karain Museum is 27 km. northwest of Antalya on the eastern slopes of Katran mountain in the Taurus Mountains, and near Karain Cave, which is one of the largest natural caves in Turkey. Studies of the cave by Prof. Kilic Kokten proved that it had been used as a shelter during the entire pre-history period, from the Palaeolithic to Chalcolithic Ages. The remains of thousands of years were found in the cave: skeletons chipped and polished stone tools, shaped flints etc.
Archaeological Sites: Among the ruins and archaeological sites in the province of Antalya, which is open to visitors, are the ruins of Aspendos (Belkis) and its amphitheater 36 km. east of Antalya, Perge (Aksu) 18 km. to the north-east, Termessos (Gullukdag) 30 km. to the northwest, the ruins of Demre-Myra and the grave of Saint Nicholas to the southwest. The ruins of Kas and Xanthos (Kinik) are also in this region.