Within the scope of ‘Kepezaltı Picnic and Recreation Project’ which was organized by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality in 1989, 400 acres of land has been allocated for the Zoo Garden and its construction started in June 1989. One of the largest zoo gardens in our country, Antalya Zoo has 856 animal species from about 100 species. Thousands of people visit each year especially in the zoo garden, which attracts the great attention of children.
Since it is built in the park, there are picnic areas, natural water resources, small waterfalls, playgrounds, barbecue areas. After a pleasant zoo visit you can make your picnic and have a nice day.

Animal Species in Antalya Zoo

At Antalya Zoo there are 856 animal species of 100 species. There are a total of 100 animal shelters belonging to the species of camel, aegean, deer, zebra, lion, wild sheep, roe deer, pony horse, wolf, pig, tiger, puma, bear, kangaroo, crocodile, snakes and predatory birds.
Special and large areas are reserved for each type of animal, and they are surrounded by wires. There are also 5 monkeys in 3 different species in the zoo garden, and there are two different shelters, summer and winter. For predatory animals, they are prevented from being influenced by the cold in the winter due to the system of lower heating.

Departments in Antalya Zoo

Reptile House: There are various kinds of snakes and crocodiles in the house. The house, which is built on a total area of 650 square meters, consists of 350 square meters of winter area and 300 square meters of summer area.
Double Claws: This is a large area surrounded by tails, designed for the animals in the section to suit their nature. In the part where there are summer and winter sections, species such as red deer, alageyik, roe deer, gazelle, mountain goats are living.
Singleton: The summer and winter section is also available for the animals living here. In this section, species such as donkey, zebra, pony horse live.
Razors: This area, which is composed of summer and winter parts again, leads to life like predators such as lions, tigers, puma.
Raptor Birds: The shelter of birds of prey is on high rocks, suitable for their nature. There are 12 animals from 4 different species.
Pheasants: Pheasant shelters are each 40 square meters in total, with a total of 12 pheasant species live.
Chickens: Each shelter consists of 20 square meters of shelter and 9 different species of chickens.
Rabbits: Each shelter consists of 12 square meters of rabbits living in 4 different species.