Turkey Antalya City Museums

5 — Statuary Room: In this room are exhibited statues of mythological figures dating from the 2-3 Centuries AD, Roman period, and found in excavations at Perge.
6 — Room of Small Objects: Here are exhibited lamps and glass objects dating from the Roman and Byzantine periods, a gold inlay silver tray found by treasure hunters at Kumluca, incense holders and lamps (6th Century AD). To the front of the room are lintel figures from a tomb found opposite Lymira.
7 — Room of Imperial Statues: Here are exhibited statues portraying emperors, empresses and other personages from the Roman period, found in excavations at Perge. In the centre of the room is a large statue of Plankia Magna, a great administrator who contributed much towards the development of Perge during that city’s golden period. There are also statues of Emperor Hadrian, and the Emperor Septimus Severus and his wife.
8 — Sarcophagus Room: Sarcophagi from the Roman period from Pamphilia and Sidemara. The most beautiful of these are the Domitias sarcophagus, and the one showing the twelve labors of Hercules.
9 — The Mosaic Room: Here are exhibited Byzantine period mosaics found in excavations at Ksantos, and icons, from the region around Antalya.
10 — Room of Coins: Examples of gold, electron, silver, and copper coins from the Hellenistic to Ottoman periods, the most interesting of which are the city and imperial coins.
11 — Turkish – Islamic Period Works: This room contains examples of Seljuk and Ottoman tiles, Anatolian carpets from the Ottoman period, inscriptions, books, candlesticks etc.
12 — Ethnographic Room: Here are exhibited clothes, embroidery, weapons, and metal objects from the region of Antalya. One corner of the room has been furnished as a typical Antalian house. In the museum garden, there are sarcophagi, steles, inscriptions, grave stones, buildings stones, and earthenware pots. As a museum exhibiting examples of works which illuminate the history of the Mediterranean and Pamphylia region in Anatolia, the Antalya Regional Museum is one of the most important of Turkey’s museums. You can join our 15 Days Grand Turkey Tour Package tour with the best prices.