Topkapi Palace Museum in Sultanahmet Istanbul,

In the third room is one of the most important works, the lyric poetry cover of Murad III made of gold and decorated with precious stones, and a jeweled throne of Indian make. This throne is in the shape of a wide oval arm chair. It is made of wood inlaid with gold and with red and enameling. The enamel work is decorated with emeralds, rubies, and pearls. It is set upon nodose feet. The white velvet cushion on the seat is embroidered with silver thread and pearls, with a design of branches and flowers. Recently it was discovered that this throne was of Indian make, and a present to Sultan Mahmud I by Shah Nadir of Iran. In the fourth room is a gold compote service decorated with brilliants, which belonged to Abdulhamid II, emerald pendants, the Kasikci Diamond, a chest of drawers decorated with gold and precious stones, a gold candlestick decorated with brilliants, emeralds, rubies, and many other objects.

Picture Gallery:
The Treasury dormitory has been turned into the Picture Gallery. Here are pictures of the sultans, most of which are authentic originals, and some of which were painted by foreign artists. Miniature Gallery: In this gallery, which was built by Sultan Abdulmecid in 1858, are examples of Turkish miniatures dating from the thirteenth to eighteenth centuries. Among them are the miniatures from manuscripts of such works as Baraka and Gulsah, Kelile Diane, Sehname, Cami’s Tevarih, and Mira came, Which was written in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, and miniatures from various manuscripts painted by Ottoman artists from the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries. Among them are examples of the work of famous miniature painters such as Nigari, Levni, Nakkas, Sinan, Matrakci, Nasuh, and Nakkas Osman.
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