Kanuni comes back with numerous Serbian detainees from the Serbian crusade in 1521. In parallel with the recovery of the rest of the towns from the Byzantine time frame and the act of the foundation of new towns, the detainees are positioned in the woods close to the old Ayvat town. This settlement is called “Belgrade Village“. After some time, the woods starts to be known as a similar name. They were expelled from the plantation with a will on 1894 because of the defilement of the water by the bentges.

XVI. Century presently can’t seem to start ranger service in Turkey. The finish of the insurance of the backwoods has brought on the awesome devastation. The woodland – water relationship has started to be comprehended and it has been comprehended that a substantial piece of Istanbul ‘s water needs, which are getting swarmed, can be secured by Belgrad Forests. The reservoir conduits were based on this. The water systems were worked by the draftsman Sinan 1554-1654.

Briefly Belgrad Forest

We will present a heaven in Istanbul where you can get a lot of oxygen, do nature strolls, play around with kids, and do bike visits.

The Belgrade woods is home to seventy-one types of winged creatures and eighteen types of warm-blooded animal species in many sorts. Belgrad Forest is sitting tight for you in the event that you need to appreciate the nature without leaving Istanbul. It is conceivable to watch individuals strolling, running, doing sports all through the four seasons. You can stop your auto and join the encompassing stopping and climbing trails. You ought to go in the spring and harvest time particularly to see the glorious perspective of the backwoods. Grill and breakfast ranges are accessible. There are 13,000 square meters of green chasing law. On this number, normal life is secured. You can see every one of the tonalities of the green in spring and the red in harvest time.