The Toy Museum in Goztepe / Istanbul, where the oldest toys, approximately 300 years old, are exhibited, was built by Sunay Akın on 23 April 2005. It is the toy museum of Turkey. There are close to 4 toys in this museum which is the right address for those who want to spend a nice day with family or loved ones and to remember the child or those who want to keep the moments that will not be forgotten by the child.
The fact that the toys exhibited in the museum are used in their own time and contain traces of the things they use are moving in your imagination as you travel through the museum. Sunay Akın deserves at least a thank you for bringing such a museum to my country.
Istanbul Toy Museum Hikayesi
Istanbul Toy Museum was founded by poet / writer Sunay Akın on April 23, 2005. The museum is one of the most popular examples of daily toy history from 1700’s. It is located in a historical mansion in Göztepe neighborhood.
Istanbul Toy Museum, founded by Sunay Akın’s most valuable works from the history of toys bought from collectors in many countries, antiqueists and auctions purchased with the copyright of their books and shows from 1990, presents the history of civilization to visitors with a more fun, more lasting learning method. In the section where toys are exhibited, and in the train toys section, the industrial revolution is described in the language of toys. The decoration of the museum was designed by stage design artist Ayhan Doğan with this thought. The museum is also a place in the world because it is opened by a poet and it is designed by a stage design artist.
One of the most important features of the Istanbul Toy Museum is its inclusion of all members of the family. The museum is a place where three generations can spend time together and share common happiness with this feature. Nine / grandfather enjoys telling each other their own periods as the parents are on their way to their childhood on a time machine with the children. The corridors of the toy museum reverberated with voices describing childhood memories, beginning with the words “I had it from me!”
With Istanbul Toy Museum, the vacancy in our country has been completed with regard to the toy museums which have great preperations in European countries and the Istanbul Toy Museum has an important place among the examples in the world. TOYCO-2012 Istanbul (European Toy and Children’s Museum Association), the first of its kind in the world, was held for the first time in Turkey in November 2012 by Istanbul Toy Museum. In this respect, the Istanbul Toy Museum has been a pioneer in the establishment of a union of children and toys in the world, earning Istanbul the title of ‘the toy capital’.
Istanbul Toy Museum has set an example for the opening of other toy malls in our country. Antalya Toy Museum belonging to Antalya Metropolitan Municipality in 2011 and Gaziantep Game and Toy Museum belonging to Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality in 2013 have opened their doors in consultation and curating of Sunay Akın founder of İstanbul Toy Museum. Sunay Akın was also a consultant and contributor to the establishments of the Barış Manço Museum and the Antalya Stove Museum.