This beautiful building offers you a little paradise in the city. In this post we will give you some little information about the trip to Aynurikak and the history of the city. This is a big palace. The garden is full of lilies, Aynalıkavak kasrı which is an individual place to relax … You can sit in the accompaniment of the birds and drink in the summer in this beautiful place. The colorful flowers in front of the mosque continue to adorn the garden and are one of the historic hills of Istanbul worth seeing.
Aynalı Kavak Kasrı; It started to be called “Tersane Bahçesi”. In 1613 the first buildings of the palace were completed. IV. Murat and Sultan Ibrahim expanded the buildings with additional palaces. Due to the fire that followed, the buildings were destroyed and rebuilt. A new Hasbahçe Mansion was built with some repairs in the palace in 1730. III. Ahmet sat in this palace for a while and remained here by his wrath.1715 After the Venetians reached a peace agreement III. They gave great, magnificent and valuable mirrors to Ahmet. These mirrors are used in some rooms and halls of the palace.
For this reason, it turns out that the phrase “long as the figurines as long as the poplar” has turned into a mirror. For this reason, the palace was firstly renovated with the name of “Mirrored poplar palace” and later by “Aynalı Kavak Palace”. Structure; The Divanhanesi is written in the talik line of Yesarî which is filled with the composition room and the windows of these rooms. There is a special place among examples of 18th century architecture with his poems of Şeyh Galib and Enderuni Fazil, praising Selim.
It is seen that a mirror is buried in the middle of the poplar trees outside the palace in a picture showing the Aynalikavak palace made by an artist named Melkon. According to La mortra, the palace declares that this name is taken from the large mirrors in its rooms. Melling says that the name of this place has always been misrepresented, and that this name has been given to the poplar trees that sunlight hits. Du loir also said that the walls are holes and that it gives a feeling of being made of mirrors and that the mirror is called a palace here. According to another view of the İ.H.Konyali, the name of the palace was taken from the neighbor.


One of the interesting and recent constructions of Ottoman architecture, this marvelous beauty and appearance creates the admiration of the times. The ground floor of Kasr is adorned with some of the famous institutions and institutions’ gifts and it has been transformed into “Turkish instrumental exhibition”. The cafeteria services at the gardens, receptions are given with Aynalıkavak Concerts where classical Turkish Art Music samples are performed. One of the rooms was made for the composition work of the 3rd Selim.
Today, the building called Aynalikavak kası is a very large area spreading from a lot of constructions and the Tersane Palace has come to the scene by the reorganization of the interior architecture during the 3rd Selimin period. The gates on the gates above are referred to as sultan selim and the date 1206 is given. Another one in the rooms is Sheikh Galib.
Aynalıkavak kas, which is now a narrow area, gave a part of the garden of Cemal Pasha to the shipyard in the first world war years and raised the ruined ham. Many conferences are said to have been held here. Aynalıkavak kas which is under the control of naval forces for a long time has been given to the national palace administration in recent years and reopened and opened to service.
It is widely known that the Aynurikavak casinos have been built in various constructions, and there is a bath in it and a wall around it. The whole palace occupies a space of 15,000 square feet. There is a garden of 9,000 square feet in size. When you look from the Golden Horn you can see a two storey apartment with a size of 4300 square meters. Okmeydanı, Dockyard, Hasköy gates on the walls that surround the dock provide connection with three exterior doors.
Long long centuries, adding to the beauty of the estuaries, Aynalıkavak has not left a great trail today from the splendor of Kasrı, Şuanki Aynalıkavak kasrı presents these last wonders if these beauties are in a late period. You can take a day to visit Aynalikavak Kasrı and witness the impressive journey of this beautiful historical place.