We keep on introducing the chronicled spots of Istanbul one by one. In this article, we might want to give you data about the Great Post Office (Sirkeci PTT Center) situated in Istanbul Sirkeci.

The Great Post Office is situated in the Sirkeci area of Fatih locale of Istanbul. The Sirkeci PTT Center (Grand Post Office) is the biggest mail station working in our nation. Development of the building was begun in 1905 as Post and Telegraph Supervision Building and development was finished in 1909.

The name of the building was changed in the next years as the ‘New Post Office’ and the ‘Incomparable Post Office’. The design of the Great Post Office is Vedat TEK and in the meantime, it is the draftsman’s first work. Before the development of the Great Post Office constructing, the Post Office was serving in the Posthane-i Amire Building situated in Eminonu. After 1909, postal works were moved to the Great Post Office building.

The Great Post Office situated in the Sirkeci region of Fatih is near the Egyptian Bazaar and the New Mosque. One of the main cases of the First National Architecture Movement is the upper post of the passage of the Grand Post Office building, composing ‘post office transmit service’ written in old composition with tile handling.

The Great Post Office was likewise utilized as a radio station in Istanbul in the vicinity of 1927 and 1936. Beginning from 1958, it was utilized for postal and transmit works.

Today the Great Post Office Building

Today, the Great Post Office Building serves as the Head Office of Istanbul Post Office PTT. It is likewise served as an undeniable Sirkeci PTT branch on the passage floor of the building. There is additionally an exhibition hall in the building which gives data about the correspondence and media transmission history of our nation.

Awesome Post Office Architectural Features

The Great Post Office is 4 stories and is based on a range of 3,200 square meters. The passageway area of the building is raised by steps, the two corners of the front board are highlighted and raised, lastly, the finish is secured with a vault. In the inward part of the working, there are three rooms on the third floor with a rectangular focal structure and rooms encompassed by this space.

The enrichments of the building are dominatingly sixteenth century Ottoman engineering. The surface of the building comprises of stone and marble. It is asserted that engineer Vedat TEK uncommonly planned the blocks utilized as a part of the development of the building. The fundamental passageway of the building opens up to a substantial cantina. The roof up to the rooftop is secured with glass and dominatingly orange and blue hues.