Avsa Island

Situated on the Sea of Marmara, Avşa Island is one of the tourism focuses. The shorelines on the island are great. Since the organizing is situated on the drift, the settlement ranges are situated on the drift. You can spend a ton of fun in the celebrated Altinkum. Altinkum does not represent a danger to swimming in light of the shallow ocean. Cinar Bay, which is irreplaceable for families, is an extremely dynamic place.

 The island of Avşa is one of the best traveler and stimulation puts in Marmara. Generally, the yearly Avsa Festival is held in August. There are spots of stimulation in Adada that anybody can address. The life on the island is conservative, there are numerous grocery stores where you can shop, yet you can shop at significantly more reasonable costs from the market. There are many shops offering decorative things and trinket endowments. All ocean games should be possible in Avşa. Particularly plunging, water slides and snorkling are exceptionally normal. Angling in the island is normal. The dock is loaded with the individuals who need to angle in the morning hours. In the event that any medical issue happens, there are wellbeing focuses and private clinics. There is a carnival for families with youngsters to visit. You have the chance to enlist a bicycle and visit everywhere throughout the island.

Where to remain in Avşa Island

On Avşa Island there is space for the stay of each spending guest. Guests can remain in the campgrounds and in addition in the benefits. What’s more, a few groups of Avşa individuals can accumulate in a house amid summer season and lease their own particular houses. As an inn; Avşa, Ozcan, Sancak, Park Hotel, Fantasia, Meltem is the quality to be favored. Guests can lease a period house on the off chance that they need.

What to Eat in Avşa

There are very option other options to eating however costs are somewhat costly as a result of the island being. You can get frosty beverages and fast food from the bistros along the shoreline. Kumpir, which is exceptionally normal in avşa, should be totally tasted amid night strolls. The fish eateries are basically because of the island being in the locale.