Bakirkoy Botanic Park, Bakırkoy Botanical Park, which was developed by Bakirkoy Municipality and based on a range of 96 thousand square meters, was opened by CHP pioneer Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu in the primary portion of 2013.

Inside; 11 topical greenery enclosures, Ataturk and kids themed models, kids’ play areas, hail post of 50 meters tallness, 3 wind turbines, social office, 8 meter high waterfall and 5 in high elevation waterfalls situated keeping in mind the end goal to urge biological life and to meet a portion of the vitality needs of herbal stop. A falling pool with a pegasus horse, rise of 11.50 meters and the most elevated kids’ play areas, scene seeing porches and auto stops in Turkey. On the off chance that you are in Istanbul we firmly prescribe you to leave without sitting around idly.

Lake in the Park; Made with organic treatment and worked with normal spring water. Notwithstanding swans, ducks and water turtles, there are additionally three drifting docks in the lake, which is likewise a living zone for an assortment of fish.

Play areas for youngsters; As we specified above, there are two amusement towers, rope extensions, slides and a ton of diversion exercises, 11 meters in length. What’s more, a little sand stop has been worked to enhance kids’ innovativeness, and recall to purchase a basin and a scoop when bringing your kids here. 🙂 There are additionally 5 dinosaur mobiles for