Burgaz Island

Burgaz Island, the Greek name Αντιγόνη (Antigoni); Istanbul (Prince) is the third in size of the islands. It is round and its width is around 2 km. Bayrak Tepe is the main slope on the island. The island is secured with an Indian backwoods (some of which were singed in 2003).

Antigone, the father of Demetrios, the general of Alexander the Great, constructed an incredible stronghold here. The island was named after Burgas (Pyrgos), which was first known for its name and after that for the Greek post/sign. It is said that a standout amongst the most regarded patriarchs of the Orthodox church, Mehodios, was detained for the sake of the island for a long time by ikonakırcılar. Today there is the Ayios Ioannis Church on this basement. As Evliya Celebi wrote in the seventeenth century, not very many of the general population of the island are of Greeks and Jews and Armenians.

No less than 1 kilometer wide throat isolates Heybeliada from Burgaz (Antigoni) Island. Antique journalists gave this name to Erebinthus, and Byzantine essayists to Therebintos or Panormos.

Sait Faik Abasıyanık, a well known author of contemporary Turkish writing, has spent a piece of his life here. Burgaz Island and other Istanbul islands have an imperative place in their stories. Abasıyanık’s home in Bourgas was transformed into a historical center with Sait Faik Museum.

 Burgaz Island; It is beneficial as far as scene since it takes a gander at Heybeliada and Kaşık Island which are secured with trees. Island; Pine timberlands, covers and rich wooden structures are likewise a prominent corner of Istanbul. The spots where the most lovely wooden structures stow away are the ocean side and the stones on the slope sitting above the slope Kaşıkadası and Heybeliada. In the wake of achieving the old shoreline of Adan, you can reach to one side by swinging to the shoreline and taking after the shoreline. There is a nose with a lamp on its end in the east bearing. The Kalpazankaya area, which is well known for its nightfall view, is found west of the island. It is said that the principal pulse in Turkey is printed here. Bayrak Tepe at 176 m stature is on a precarious incline ascending from the south shore of the island. “Hristos Monastery” is on this slope.

Burgazada Breakfast

Appreciate a breakfast loaded with flavorful rarities in the tranquil environment of Burgazada. The ear is truly pleasant, it is not that difficult to live. There are numerous eateries close to the coastline in the island.