The Basilica Cistern was built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian in 542 AD. The splendor of the cunts rising from the water grows. Built on 9800 square meters, the cistern is home to many national events. There are 336 columns at a height of 9 meters in the cistern. The cistern, built to meet the water needs of Istanbul, has a water storage capacity of one hundred thousand tons. The cistern is so magnificent that it has been called by the people of the period as a palace. Under the two columns, ancient greek monsters called Medusa have opposite heads.

Medusa means Underground Monster. Medusa has the ability to turn ministers into stone, so the heads are turned upside down. The cistern has been used for many years until the time when the Ottomans preferred the flowing water instead of stagnant water. After the Ottoman set up its own water facilities, the use was closed.

You go down the stairs through the stairs. We do not recommend it to those who are afraid of staying indoors. Water drops dripping from the top are turning into a stream in some places. We do not advise you to go with shoes that will slide because of this wet ground. Inside you a cafe. You can sip your tea and listen to music while watching this magnificent work. When you are hungry in the cistern, you can eat at restaurants that appeal to every budget around you.

We strongly recommend it here, in our opinion, the museum should be at the top of your sight-seeing list.