Yenikapi city stop, situated in the area of Fatih in Istanbul, is situated toward the north of Kennedy Caddesi, west of the Yenikapı IDO wharf. The recreation center, which was composed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in 2012 and finished in 2013, is among the biggest stops in Europe. Yenikapi city stop, roused by Central Park in New York, was based on a zone of 578 square meters ashore and 57 thousand square meters autonomously of the land, filling the ocean. 135 of these regions are utilized as stopping ranges. 270 thousand square meters are utilized as a movement zone, for example, watch rally and show. Exercises and mobilizes can get more than 800 individuals. The genuinely substantial Yenikapi city stop is a flawless place for Istanbul occupants to spend their ends of the week.

More than 10 thousand afforestation work was finished by the Istanbul region, giving the Yenikapi city stop a green territory. In the event that the trees develop and develop, we can state that the green region can be depicted as a timberland. There are bistros, eateries and tea gardens where visitors can address their issues. The Yenikapi city stop, which has exceptionally manufactured stages in the deterrents, is a decent place for the individuals who need to go through the end of the week with family.

Visit With The Sea

Yenikapı city stop’s shoreline strolling park is composed flawlessly. The normal nearness of rocks and stones, which have geometric examples, has earned a characteristic environment. We can let you know that you can jump into many dreams as you stroll from this track to the ocean. Rather than strolling, you can enlist bikes and visit the recreation center in less time. Strolling from one side of the recreation center to the next is exceptionally tiring and takes quite a while. It takes 2 hours to stroll around the recreation center with typical strides. Be that as it may, with bikes you can stroll around the recreation center in less time and without getting drained.

You may every so often take in tea cultivates that are determined to the ocean side. You can consider tasting your tea and your fantasies and your goals to pick up your life. You can leave the recreation center in the green territories, far from the distressing existence of the city in a couple of hours, and leave your spirit quiet in liberality in the greenery. Everything is thought in the Yenikapi city stop. There are stages where bistros and eateries can provide food for your necessities, from toilets to camels. You can encounter a sentimentality in intriguing lighting in the recreation center, which is one of the new focuses of Istanbul.

What would we be able to eat in Yenikapı City Park?

Yenikapi city stop is a major zone composed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and offered to the individuals who need to escape from the hordes of huge metropolitan Istanbul. This zone makes it a perfect place to spend a decent end of the week, everything is considered. Tea patio nurseries and eateries, guests are holding up in the recreation center. As you can taste the conventional kind of Istanbul, you can taste home luxuries or meat items at shoreline eateries and have a lovely end of the week.