Diorama Museum exhibition hall is a historical center that has a guideline of expanding the consciousness of history. It has a rich accumulation of dioramas. The exhibition hall incorporates works that vouch for the Ottoman and Anatolian Seljuk Empire, Rome, the War of Independence, the First and Second Inönü Battleships and numerous other verifiable records. The show of the works in sequential request additionally reveals insight into the improvement of war materials. We can likewise say that it was a brilliant presentation as far as mirroring the relations between developments.

The exhibition hall is situated on a zone of 1500 square meters. There are 6 stories and every floor shows distinctive verifiable works as the interesting diorama. As you most likely are aware, the diorama is a flawless 3D experience of genuine occasions. The way that authentic occasions are reflected by the specialty of diorama further expands the intrigue. Thus, the author of the exhibition hall and student of history Nejat Cuhadaroglu connected such a way. He additionally made the best diorama exhibition hall in Turkey with the fervor of his affection for the craft of chiseling and altering figures with his models.

Works in the Diorama Museum

There is a wide range of curios in the gallery. Indeed, even the comparable legacy of the Ottoman lost legacy has been displayed. Anatolian Seljuk human progress has been given the most wonderful war materials. Among the works showed in the exhibition hall are the intense war groups of the Ottoman State. In this sense, the intense war materials of that turn, for example, sword, shield, head protector, bolt, hatchet, blade, constitute the dominant part of exhibition hall works. Aside from that, there are vivified authentic occasions with figures.

Among the works in the historical center is some sort of works you can not see somewhere else. For instance, the acclaimed Turkish war material Zulfikar mouthed which you hear always however which you can not see is in this exhibition hall. Killer royal residences and military uniform models dating from the Ottoman circumstances are additionally among the diverse works you can find in the exhibition hall.
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