Miniaturk, based on an aggregate range of 60.000 square meters, has a model space of 15.000 square meters, 40.000 square meters green and open space, 3,500 square meters shut region, 2.000 square meters pool and conduit, 500 auto parks.

Totally finished in 22 months because of co-ordinated extend coordination, Miniaturk is the smaller than usual city which has the biggest model zone of the world and finished as quickly as time permits.

In Miniaturk, there are diverse spaces intended to permit guests to have a charming time notwithstanding the models showed in an outside exhibition hall climate; Amphitheater with a limit of 400 seats, strip mall where trinkets to be helped to remember Miniaturk are offered available to be purchased, play area comprising of amusement gatherings like Troy steed and manor, small scale express prepare all around the journey range, chess, labyrinth, go-cart and pontoon Tour is some of them.