In today’s post, we might want to give you some data about Turkish Bank Museum. On the off chance that you don’t have any arrangements for a vacant day, you can visit this exhibition hall. With the cooling of the air and the opening of schools, we can state that the occasion is over for some individuals. In the mid-year, we concentrated on the composing ocean, sand, sun, winter, snow, ski resorts. We needed to give more weight to the chronicled locales and the excellence of the harvest time season.

General Information about Turkish Bank and Museum
Turkish Bank, established on August 26, 1924, is a historical center that presents areas from the historical backdrop of Işbank, where different monetary, social and institutional advancements that date to date have been gathered, saved and afterward displayed to guests. Turkish Bank, established by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s request and being the primary bank of the Republic of Turkey, has an imperative place ever.

The exhibition hall, which was opened with a specific end goal to unite a gathering of a huge number of archives, photos and movies, which has figured out how to land from everyday, has been tolerating guests amid specific hours. You can get point by point data about going to hours and days from the accompanying area. Mark of vital names in the course of action of the historical center. Altering and composing writings. Dr. Zafer Toprak, Burçak Madran in historical center altering and outline, Contemporary Arpaç’s marks in video alters. Turkish Bank Museum was established in the verifiable working of Eminönü Yenicami Branch of the bank.

Beginning from November 14, 2007, the Turkish Bank Museum, which opened its ways to guests, is under the surge of guests today. The engineering components of the notable building, which served as Yenicami Branch from 1928 until 2004, have been protected and have turned into today’s state by joining with cutting edge innovation. The building, which is embellished with furniture reasonable for the recorded structure of the building, additionally utilizes wide security and lighting frameworks.

What are displayed at Turkish Bank Museum?
The works showed in the historical center were precisely made from the branches of Turkish Bank all over Turkey. In the event that we would discuss a portion of the displays in the historical center; Copying machine (duplicate machine), cash checking machine, ebb and flow number cruncher, gas light, protect watches, phone and phone guides, adding machines from different periods, frosty stamp, seal, recording device,

It is a standout amongst the most critical works that are dispersed to clients, for example, scratch pad, keychains, pens, pens, matchboxes, piggy banks, different plaques that the bank has won, thanks, records, respect books,

Aside from these, there are additionally many archives (approaches, receipts, money receipts, checks, and so forth.), staff photos, branch photographs, and different movies are displayed in the historical center. Moreover, the exhibition hall’s photo accumulation is very broad. There are more than 2000 artistic creations of more than 750 painters in the accumulation. In the event that we say that the names of these painters are Osman Hamdi, Seker Ahmet Pasha, Ibrahim Çallı, Fahrelnisa Zeid, Abidin Dino, we see how important the accumulation is. There are 3 plasma screens and 14 projection gadgets with a specific end goal to exchange a few works displayed in the historical center to guests all the more soundly. There are additionally voice direction gadgets for outside strolls.

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