It is a gallery built up in a vast grounds in the city of Harbiye of Istanbul. The district and the historical center are named as Harbiye, as much as the Ottoman time frame. In the most recent days of the Ottoman Empire, these structures were relegated to the Military Academy and many officers moved on from that point. Among them is Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

History of Harbiye Military Museum
The building dating from the Ottoman time frame was inherent 1841. He began to serve as a Military Academy. Shockingly, the building was in a fire in 1853. It was revamped in 10 years and kept on serving as the Military Academy in 1863. It has made it feasible for gifted and energetic commandants to grow up.

After the foundation of the Military Academy in Ankara, the working in Istanbul Harbiye was utilized by numerous administrators for various purposes. Since the building had a chronicled esteem, it was chosen to reestablish it without breaking the surface. This choice was taken in 1966. At that point, the possibility of the building was assessed as a military exhibition hall showed up. Reclamation work endured 19 years. In 1993, the exhibition hall was manufactured.

Harbiye Military Museum Historical Center Offices
New areas have been added to the Harbiye Military Museum in the year 2000. That is the reason there are such a large number of spots to visit. There are tables in the show hallway that will draw your consideration. These tables were set up by military school understudies. It is very astonishing that the works of a painter’s drawings, the works of the understudies of the war school, can be sought. In the presentation corridor, ancient rarities introduced by outside visitors to heads of state and administrators are shown.

Containers won for the wearing exercises in the Military Academy are likewise shown in the historical center. There are numerous awards and containers in the alleged games division. Here you can see the principal b-ball container won. In the area of history, there are many photos demonstrating the history. The dark war school structures show classes, understudies’ photographs and garments that understudies learn.

You can see the greater part of the old things utilized as a part of the school in the history area. The old programs, tables, weapons, preparing rooms and numerous more are in the history area. It is displayed independently from things from various nations. Utilizing lifeless mannequins, representations of services, lessons, and shooting activities were made. It is said that there are more than 5 works in the exhibition hall. It’s an entirely enormous place. This number does not shock you. On the off chance that it is in the hands of the military exhibition hall administration, it is worth to state that there are more than 55 works. It is a terrible circumstance that exclusive 5 thousand of these works are displayed in the historical center.