Hamsilos Bay is located at the northernmost point of Turkey. Glacier Abrasion is the result of a single bore that has formed spontaneously in the Earth. The part where the sheep is merged with the sea is quite wide. As it goes to the inner parts, it becomes narrow and forests. This bay, which looks like an elephant head, continues to be used as a place where war ships are hidden and nowadays fishermen are sheltered in stormy weather.
Transportation to the extreme end of the Hamsilos bay is provided but the roads are not allowed to proceed with the vehicle. So when you go you can tell that you are expecting a nature walk.
Hamsilos Bay and Akliman roads are available and there are also recreational areas. There are many recreational areas on the road and Hamsilos Bay and various festivals are held in these areas. I am convinced that you will not be able to conceal your amazement in the face of people with their gentle face, hospitable and service-loving hearts, and that there are still people who are so well-intentioned today. I believe that people in this city have so high confidence in each other that it is not possible to express it allegedly.
But the words of Hamsilos Bay that it could be taken as protection area after the construction of the nuclear power plant which is on the agenda for Sinop deeply affected me and attracted the reaction of the indigenous people. What is planned rather than thinking that this unique nature should be tried to be shown, is really a painful situation.
This place is absolutely necessary for you to visit Sinop on your trip; Offers many services to you. Hostels, Hotels and Fees are also very convenient for your stay. Proximity to picnic areas, picnics, sea biking and canoes and a small stroll. Events and services to the visitors.