Nevşehir is also known for its widespread vaults, which are famous for its Peribacaları. Cappadocia Zelve Valley, one of these valleys, is a ruin area spread over a wide area. There are dozens of churches in this ruin. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to visit these closed churches because they have almost reached the point of collapse. If you are on your way to visit Cappadocia, Zelve Valley is definitely one of the places to be seen. Especially the caves and churches are among the places worth seeing. There is no place in the historic ruins, which has been inhabited until about fifty years ago, because there are no settlements today. But the ruins, which are connected to Avanos in the beginning, now continue to exist as historical sites.
One of the oldest settlements in Cappadocia is the historical site, the first area where Christianity spreads in this region, and the church, monasteries, and ruins remaining from the Christian culture. After the end of Christianity, this historic site continued its existence as a village, and then it continued its existence as a historical ruin only with the relocation of people living in stone houses to Zelve Village.

Zelve Yolu, Avanos -Göreme road and about 1 km away from the Paşabağı Valley is located. At the entrance to the area, there are large rocks bouncing. Two valleys are opened from the right side of the large rock, and the second valley is followed by the third valley. A mosque from the period when the first vaded area was used as a village is striking. The monastery is located right opposite the glass. This monastery, built with religious education, has bedrooms, classrooms and churches. There are hollows to reach some parts of the monastery, and climbing through these hollows makes the trip even more enjoyable. After the first vaden the second vaday is passed to a tunnel and this valley is known for its pigeon gowns. These dovecotes were built to produce pigeon breeds, and the mouths of the caves that remained from the Christian era were closed and converted into dovecotes. Finally, the third act is passed, where there are churches and caves dating from the settlement period. With a trip of at least 4 hours, this historical place, where all areas can be explored, has a different identity with its mysterious atmosphere. This area, which should definitely be visited by those who visit Avanos, is a cultural remains rather than a ruin. The person with the mystery and different ethnic texture