It is known that life lasts thousands of years in the Anatolian soil Kaymaklı Underground City is one of them. Communities living in various periods have continued their lives by taking into account their living conditions and environmental factors according to the conditions of the period. In this context, Nevsehir, which is located on the borders of our country and is home to the tarihe, is also famous with its peribacals and underground cities. There are many underground cities on the border of Nevşehir. The Kaymakli Underground city, which dates back to 3000 BC, is one of the important tourist spots of Nevşehir.
The history of Kaymaklı Underground City, which is located within the borders of Kaymaklı town, which is 20 km away from Nevşehir province, dates back to 3000 BC. Built in the Hittites period, this city is 8 floors, and over the years it has been further expanded by the Romans and Byzantines and brought to a complete underground city. The city formed by tuff rocks is connected to each other by narrow corridors.
There are large slab stones on the doors to the rooms and the saloons connected to each other by narrow corridors, wine cellars, water reservoirs, kitchen and storage warehouses, ventilation chimneys, churches, water wells and external threats to be formed. The 8-storey Kaymaklı Underground City is now flooded four times and opened its doors to visitors.
City Departments
It is said that 5,000 people lived in the city, which is normally 8 floors. Today it is open to 4 times visitors and the deepest point of the city is 20 meters underground. Once you enter the city, you can easily proceed by following the arrows that guide the visitors. Of course you will have to bend your head a bit, because the tunnel is rather narrow and a bit low. If you accidentally enter the tunnel you will experience some congestion.
First Floor: The first floor of Kaymaklı Underground City was used as an animal shelter. The most important factor here is that it is an important factor that it is difficult to lower animals to the lower floors.
Second Floor: On the second floor there is a church with a single bell and seating areas. Next to the church there is a cemetery thought to be important people. Again on the second floor there are barbs against possible threats from outside. The stone is round shaped, with a hole in its center and its average weight ranges from 200 to 500 pounds. To see who the guests are from this hole, we can say that the enemy has an important place to be removed by spears. In the city, which is a great engineering wonder, Untouched tunnels, trapped sections, and a tunnel of 10 km connected to Derinkuyu Underground City.
Third Floor: The third floor has a larger and more spacious room than the first two beds.
Fourth Floor: You will have to pass through fairly narrow tunnels to get to the fourth cave. This tunnel, designed for defense purposes, is designed to prevent possible crowd attacks. This floor has sections such as food storage, kitchen, tandır.