Göreme National Park, located in the volcanic region between Hasan and Erciyes Mountains of Central Anatolia, consists of platelets, small mountain plants, high hills, alluvium-covered creeks and river valleys, and eroded high-slope valleys.
You will witness the meeting of history and natural beauty when you add important works from the Byzantine church architecture and religious art history into the spectacular landscapes of volcanic peaks in the area where the park is located. The people of the period continued their lives without being affected by the influence of wars and the authority of the central government due to the geographical nature of the region.
Because it is far from the transportation routes and it is a rugged area, it has become a very sheltered place for those who want to hide here or for those who want to retreat to religion. The life of the monastery, which began in the late 3rd century, spread rapidly in the following periods. In such a short period of time the walls of the monasteries, chapels, chapels, warehouses, wine-making areas are carved and carved walls are decorated with pictures.
The residential areas such as Ürgüp, Avcılar, Çavusini, Üçhisar and Yeni Zelve which are in the field also contain the natural beauties of Goreme region reflecting the cultures of the past periods.
Goreme Historical National Park Places to Visit
Goreme-VadileriSaklı Church: Aya Lonnes is the real name of the Saklı Church, located within the borders of Goreme. The church near El Nazar Chapel is the three apses. There is a flared cross and geometric ornamentation. The interesting structure of the church, which is supposed to be built in the 11th century, and its colorful ornaments will impress you.
Goreme Vadileri: One of the most important tourist spots in the region, the valleys offer a chance to walk among the unique natural beauties. The most important of the Goreme valleys are; Zemi Valley, Güvercinlik Valley, Meskendir Valley, Güllüdere Valley, Bağlıdere Valley, Kızılcukur Valley.
Zemi Valley: A pleasant walk from the place where Göreme Open Air Museum is located to Kermil Tepesi is waiting for you. You can also visit historical sites such as Sarnıç, Saklı, Görkündere and El Nazar Kiliseleri, where you will be confronted on your walking route.
Goreme Kiliseleri: Goreme will come out with churches on your trip. Some of these are: Durmuş Kadir Church, El Nazar Church, Sarnıç Church, Yusuf Koç Church, Saklı Church, Kılıçlar Church, Yamalı Church, Eğritaş Church, Virgin Mary’s Church.
Elmalı Church: Although the main entrance of the church consisting of nine dome, four columns and three apsisten is from the south point, it is possible to enter the church through the tunnel opened from the north. It is estimated that the Elmalı Church was built between the end of the 11th century and the beginning of the 12th century.
Fırkatan Church: Also known as Aynalı Church, the church is 500 meters away from Goreme. The Fırkatan Church, which differs from the other churches in terms of its architectural structure, also has hidden gateways, kitchens, sheltering areas.
Güvercinlik Valley: Güvercinlik Valley, which contains every ton of green, has a length of 4100 meters. When visiting the valley, we recommend you to visit the waterfall, which many people do not know.
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