It is located in Tatlarin Town, which is 10 km away from the town of Acıgöl, on the slope of the hill called ‘fortress’. The narthex of the church, which consists of two naves, two apses and a cradle vault, was destroyed over time. The very well preserved frescoes are separated from each other with the help of tapes. Dark gray on the floor of the church, purple, mustard and red colors are included in the descriptions.
From 1991 onwards, the underground city that opens its doors to the moon suggests that it is a military gas monastery or a monastery complex in the period because of the size of its spaces, the number of its warehouses and the number of its churches. Only a small portion of the underground city, which spans quite large areas, was cleaned and opened to visitors. The most striking feature of Tatlarin Underground City, which can be visited twice today, is that we can say that it has very rarely found in underground cities.
The original entry of Underground City collapsed over time. The entrance can be accessed through a passage of approximately 15 meters in length. The passage, which has a very large saloon, has closed its doors with unauthorized entrances, with giant stone bolts in the middle, as in some underground cities. There are 3 skeletons on the right side called ‘dungeon’. There are also those main rooms where the toilet is located.
The second entrance is the barn. This vast space, which was thought to have been used as a storage facility in earlier periods, is supported by columns. There is a ventilation chimney which gives access to other places in the ceiling of the basement where five warehouses are located. Both spaces are connected to each other by a narrow corridor. This zigzag-shaped corridor is also equipped with trappings and bolts that interlock with both spaces.