Cavusin Village and Zelve in Cappadocia Turkey

Zelve Valley

Nevşehir is also known for its widespread vaults, which are famous for its Peribacaları. Cappadocia Zelve Valley, one of these valleys, is a ruin area spread over a wide area. There are dozens of churches in this ruin. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to visit these closed churches because they have almost reached the point […]

Urgup Museum

To mention briefly about the establishment of Ürgüp Museum; The single dome structure of Temenni Tepes in Urgup city center started to collect artifacts bearing museum values ​​after 1965. The land in which the museum is located has been allocated from Urgup Municipality and started its construction in 1968 and completed its doors in July […]

Tatlarin Underground City

It is located in Tatlarin Town, which is 10 km away from the town of Acıgöl, on the slope of the hill called ‘fortress’. The narthex of the church, which consists of two naves, two apses and a cradle vault, was destroyed over time. The very well preserved frescoes are separated from each other with […]

Ozkonak Underground City

Nevşehir has an average of 17 km to Avanos. There are various sizes of rooms and tunnels connecting these rooms in the underground city of Özkonak. The underground city of Özkonak descends 3 times below the ground. Özkonak Underground City, which is smaller than the other underground cities in Nevsehir; It is made up of […]

Kaymaklı Underground City

It is known that life lasts thousands of years in the Anatolian soil Kaymaklı Underground City is one of them. Communities living in various periods have continued their lives by taking into account their living conditions and environmental factors according to the conditions of the period. In this context, Nevsehir, which is located on the […]

Goreme National Park and Cave Churches in Cappadocia

Göreme Open Air Museum

It is 13 km away from Nevşehir and 2 km from Goreme Town. A rock settlement on the east side. M.S. A monastery lived from the 4th century to the 13th century. Almost every rock block in the district has churches, chapels, dining halls and living areas. Today, the area called Göreme Open Air Museum […]

Fairy Chimneys

Located at a distance of 7 km to Nevsehir, Cappadocia is an attractive place for both domestic and foreign tourists with its extraordinary beauty. The fairy chimneys are in the first place on the list, even in the list of places where foreigners need to visit in Turkey. As you travel, you feel like you […]

Cappadocia Underground Cities and The Museums of Nevsehir

Derinkuyu Underground City

Although the exact date is unknown, it is believed that the county is a rather old settlement and probably dates back to 3000 BC. Derinkuyu’s former name is Malachy, Melegobia or Melegobia. The first inhabitants of the province extend to the Assyrian period. The arrival of the Turks to the region is based on the […]

Goreme Town in Cappadocia Turkey

Goreme Historical National Park

Göreme National Park, located in the volcanic region between Hasan and Erciyes Mountains of Central Anatolia, consists of platelets, small mountain plants, high hills, alluvium-covered creeks and river valleys, and eroded high-slope valleys. You will witness the meeting of history and natural beauty when you add important works from the Byzantine church architecture and religious […]