Nevşehir has an average of 17 km to Avanos. There are various sizes of rooms and tunnels connecting these rooms in the underground city of Özkonak. The underground city of Özkonak descends 3 times below the ground. Özkonak Underground City, which is smaller than the other underground cities in Nevsehir; It is made up of sections such as a stool, a kitchen, a food storage, a shrink, and a ventilation tunnel. The distance between the entrance and exit to Özkonak, which is spread over a very wide area, is around 10 km.
Özkonak has a different structure from Kaymaklı and Derinkuyu Underground Cities in the Underground City. In Özkonak there are very narrow and long holes for communication between the floors. Those who lived at that time were able to ventilate the entrance doors of the rooms against possible dangers from these narrow holes. (A hole with a width of 5 cm)
Another remarkable feature of the Underground City is that after the slider stone, various holes are carved on the tunnel. (The purpose of carving these holes is carved to cast hot oil on the enemy).
The position of Özkonak is quite solid. The volcano on the north side of Mount İdiş was built in the place where the granite tuff layers are located. Ozkonak Underground City has not been completely cleaned for the time being.
Among the livelihoods of the townspeople, tourism has an important place. An average of 500 domestic and foreign tourists visit the town, especially during the summer season. No doubt this is one of the most important points of visit in the town.