The Rumeli artillery tower was built by a Greek architect on the northern border of Istanbul, the region where the Greeks lived in the 18th century. The castle, built with masonry stone technique, is a lighthouse made with the aim of watching the entrance of the boats of the French and British during the Crimean War. It was built at a height of 58 m above sea level and 30 meters in height. It’s been used for years with gas oil and then with acetylene.

When you come here, you will be enchanted with its historical texture and unique view. The castle is quite large, with shelters beneath the artillery castle and surrounded by a unique sea view on one side of the upper side. If you have the opportunity, we recommend you to go there with your private car, you will be able to visit both Rumeli Lighthouse and Garipce village and Garipce kales. Also, do not be in a hurry when you come here, remember to visit the Emirgan Sanctuary on the way. If you pass a gesture back to us, you can also spend your day full at the Atatürk Arboretum.

Places you can stay when you go to Kalaya

Since there is no accommodation around the castle, you should look around the neighborhood. Marmaracik Bay offers accommodation opportunities in the village environment.

Taslihan hotel: It is 5 minutes walking distance to Beykoz. The hotel has sea view, TV, free Wi-Fi and open reception which can help you 24 hours, heating system, mini bar, air conditioning, free bathroom, dryer. Private saunas and seating area are available. You can start the day with a buffet breakfast in the morning and try various tastes at the restaurant. You can use our hotel’s free bicycles, play table tennis, and take care of water sports. Rengârenk Hostel & Pension located in Sarıyer town of Istanbul after 50 km is 3 km away. It offers modern accommodation and a shared balcony. Wi-Fi access is free throughout the property.

Rengârenk Hostel & Hostel: The bathroom and laundry room is our common area. Additional charges for laundry are required. Open buffet breakfast is provided. You can make your other meals by eating delicious home-cooked meals or fish, which you can find while on the beach. The famous Istinye park is 1 km away. Beşiktaş is 10 km away from our residence.

There is a lot of choice about where you can eat.

You can see the fisherman who constantly repair the net on the Rumeli flashlight. People injured by more than the blessings of the Black Sea have tried many different kinds of fish and achieved very good results. You will not come to the taste of the palm, which is made from the mixture of olive oil, pepper, sour lemon, garlic and thyme. You will not be able to enjoy the taste of the ancestor of the hair. We also guarantee that you will not be able to finish the truffle flavor.

Roke fish restaurant is rich in menus and you can have a lot of different kinds of appetizers, calamari pans, (shrimp prepared with olive oil, lemon, garlic) shrimp, plenty of rich salads, loupes and many more kinds that can not be counted. There are fish shelters you can find. Bread, cookies, pizza and pastries, carrot cakes will provide you with snack solutions on your return path.

The coastal restaurants in the Rumeli Cove, a district between the Rumeli Lighthouse and Sarıyer, are all spectacular. Mideye tavası, you can not be satisfied with the beautiful sauce and special sauce to mussel pan. You will not find a place where you can eat the mussel ceiling where you eat. Your taste buds will stay on your taste buds. For those who like fish, there are gorgeous fish options and the sea is like fresh from the sea. Rumelia, also famous for its incense, ties itself with a magical charm with its unique beauty and delicacies. You will go again and live with the imagination of the fish and mussel ceiling you will eat there. We wish you good fun as you tour the Rumeli Feneri artillery castle.