Central Istanbul is one of the cutting-edge college grounds of today. It is utilized both as a show corridor and as a display space. The Central Istanbul Museum grounds, situated on the edge of the Golden Horn, with 118 square meters of green zone and effectively open from everywhere throughout the city, is the focal point of Bilgi University. It is a standout amongst the most imperative movement regions in Istanbul. The grounds houses Turkey‘s first power plant, the Energy Museum, in its present shape. The grounds additionally has a workmanship exhibition, eateries, and bistros that host different exercises. Everything an understudy requirements for a vivid school life is accessible on this grounds.

Old Silahtarağa Electric Power Plant Complex. There is likewise an open library. It was the primary city-scale control plant of the Ottoman Empire that gave power to Istanbul between 1914-1983. The Silahtarağa Power Plant was dispensed to Istanbul Bilgi University by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources in May 2004. Ciner, Doğuş Groups, Kale Group and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality supported the college to change the power plant complex into a social and creative focus.

Principle display; After the end of the Silahtarağa Electric Power Plant, two boilers were worked rather than the abode. In the 7000 square meter building, old building structures were saved.

Vitality historical center; 1 and 2 of the old power plant are secured while working machine rooms.

Library and data focus; The old engine compartments of the power plant have been changed over to a library and data focus.

Global Residence; The lodgings of the power plant are set up for craftsmen and visitors.

Instructive structures; The different resources having a place with Bilgi University are organized.

Entertainment zones; It is a garden and cafeteria region that reacts to the necessities of guests and understudies to rest and appreciate.