This is really the Pelit Chocolate Factory in Istanbul Esenyurt. Be that as it may, it is presently called an exhibition hall. The individuals who need to see these perfect works of art of chocolate that are exceptionally hard to ensure as it is and will do is thought little of. How about we investigate what is going on in this gallery that interests to everybody who likes chocolate, not simply little ones.

We are not mixed up in the event that we tell chocolate individuals of any age that they cherish chocolate. What do you say in regards to entering a universe of chocolates as though you were on the market, from the smorgasbords, or left the chocolates you made yourself at home and on the edge of the Chocolate Factory?

Pelit Chocolate Museum – Get prepared to encounter a totally unique involvement with 05Pelit Chocolate Museum. In the exhibition hall planned by Pelit experts particularly for chocolate significant others of any age; You will experience such uncommon and inviting developments as chocolate-made villagers, figures of well-known names, chocolate wellsprings.

When you are going in the exhibition hall, you can see the creation in a glass tube on the assembling region and you can see the old generation materials of the production line. Once more, while in the production line, little kitchens uncommonly arranged for youngsters have been set up with a segment that permits them to figure out how to make cakes.