Gulhane Park the general population have peacefull bands and numerous verifiable structures and pasts. You can go for a little walk to get a lot of clean possess a scent reminiscent of nature and taste your tea at the Settei Tea Garden. On the off chance that I didn’t recall wrong in 1998, this was the zoo cultivate. Despite everything I don’t comprehend why it was expelled.

Nazım Hikmet’in The account of walnut tree verse; At one time Nazim Hikmet was captured. Nazım Hikmet lives as a criminal, and the significant other will meet Munevver. Nazım Hikmet goes to Gülhane stop, then police go to the recreation center and Nazım ascensions to the walnut tree. The police go under, the significant other passes, he takes after every one of them and is not gotten. What’s more, on it “I am a walnut tree I don’t comprehend what you are in the recreation center, nor the police know” Siiri Cem Karaca’nın voice of the sound of the meandering on the floor.

Tea Garden Cafe

When you come here, you are totally the main bistro of the recreation center you have to stop by. On the off chance that you need to have an awesome view and tea, 2-3 individuals will come to you with an excellent samovar.

It was the outside garden of the Topkapi Palace amid the Ottoman Empire time frame and contained a woods of patio nurseries and roses. Tanzimat Fermanı, the main solid stride of democratization in Turkish history, was perused in Gülhane Park by Mustafa Reşit Paşa, the Minister of Justice, amid the rule of Abdülmecit on November 3, 1839, and is along these lines called Gülhane Hatt-ı Hümayunu.

It was sorted out in Istanbul time-respected administrator Cemil Pasha (Topuzlu) and it was stopped in 1912 and opened to general society. The aggregate zone is 163 sections of land. To one side of the passageway to the recreation center are the departments of Istanbul city and leaders. Two streets go through the center of the recreation center. To one side and left on this street are resting spots, kids’ garden. Just to one side of the plunge sliding to the Bosphorus is an Aşık Veysel design, and to the finish of the tough, on the upper part is the Goths Column from the Romans.

The Sarayburnu Park part was once in the past associated with the principle stop by an extension over the Sirkeci railroad line. This part later left the recreation center with the shoreline (1958). At the Sarayburnu area, there is the principal statute (October 3, 1926) of Ataturk raised after the Republic. The figure was made by the Australian engineer Kripel. Ataturk, the first run through in general society latin letters to people in general on September 1, 1928, “appeared. While Atatürk’s body was being sent to Ankara, the last service in Istanbul was held in Sarayburnu area of Gulhane Park on 19 November 1938. The casket was taken by the 12 commanders from the truck and put into the destroyer of Zafer who docked to a quay on the quay to be taken to the Yavuz shield.

Reestablished Again

The recreation center, which has been awful and crushed for a long time, has been reestablished by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in 2003 and conveyed to a circumstance where it won’t search for its great days.

Islamic Science and Technology Museum

On May 25, 2008, the Museum of History of Science and Technology of Istanbul was in administration at the Has Ahırlar Building in Gulhane Park.