Galata Tower It is a heavenly work that Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi in Galata District of Istanbul attempted to travel to Uskudar from here. You can watch the Istanbul see from its head sixty seven meters in length with all exposure. It is not precisely known when and by whom it was made, however it has been utilized as an observatory and jail ever. The tower situated in the focal point of the city is effectively available. Take the lift to the last tower of the tower through the tight stairs. At the top you will meet a bistro and eatery. Since it has a place with the region mixed refreshments can not be sold. In the nights you can taste your tea with Turkish tastes and watch Istanbul view.


To begin with known as Byzantium, then Fethihe, Constantinople was established on the verifiable landmass encompassed by the Marmara Sea in the south, the Bosphorus in the east, and the Golden Horn in the north.

The Galata Tower is a part of the stronghold worked to ensure Galata around this region, which has been called “Galata” since antiquated circumstances.

After the triumph, the Galata Tower, which was harmed at times because of tremors and different reasons, was given to the repair done amid the second Mahmut period.

In the mid-fourteenth Century, the Tower of the Genoese worked for guard objects was utilized as an asylum for detainees working in the shipyard in the sixteenth century. In the eighteenth century, the Galata Tower was set in a Millennium Ocağı, which was appointed to declare the night. From 1874, the tower started to be utilized as a fire reconnaissance and announcing area. It was repaired by Mayor Haşim Işcan in 1967 and the top floor eatery was privately laid.