The history of the fire brigade has been established with the necessity of being based on quite old times and has never lost its importance either in the Ottoman period or today. Especially during periods when wooden buildings are busy and crowded residential areas such as Istanbul, fire-extinguishing bands working with their own unique communication systems such as structures organized as Tulumbaids and Beyazıt Tower etc. have existed in every period of history. In fact, Tulumbacılar has been subject to many studies with their unique structures and lives. The Istanbul Fire Brigade Museum opens its doors to its enthusiasts with its important visuals and documentary that shed light on this trend.

Istanbul is an important city that has a very rich heritage in terms of hosting many historical and cultural values. Assuming that it carries many historical values that have not been discovered or opened up, Istanbul is a very convenient region for touristic places, cultural sightings, and academic studies. The Istanbul Fire Department Museum is a museum operating in this context and its first establishment is in the Zeyrek district of Fatih district of Istanbul. The museum was opened in 1931. The Fire Department Museum, which was opened as an administrative center for the fire brigade as well as the building which was opened by the fire brigades at the time, was reopened in 2013 following the completion of the exhibition activities in the new place where the exhibition and evaluation were carried out. Besiktas neighborhood star park is next.

Museum Contents
 Works include pumper, equipment used firemen, clothes, etc. are exhibited. The museum welcomes visitors with a concentration of about 300 years of work on the concept of firefighting. It is necessary to get information about the museum in groups and guidance service and more detailed information.

About Fire Department Museum Theme
 Firefighting has come only from the activity of extinguishing a fire using water, depending on the level of development of the society. It has become one of the centers or auxiliary elements of search and rescue operations and many affiliated relief services. With the materials used, fire fighting techniques and fire protection activities, the fire brigade has become a very modern and advanced structure. This structure, which has been moved far beyond its historical significance, has become an important institution that has become a social and official part of community life, providing uninterrupted service every time and every time it is needed. Local and general fire brigades as well as the fire brigades, fire fighting equipment, and fire protection equipment of large and advanced institutions in all levels of education carried out on behalf of fire protection have taken their present form as a step in an important journey. The Istanbul Fire Department Museum is an important cultural and visual asset that witnesses the beginning and the present of this adventure.