Let’s take a look at where is the Istanbul Maritime Museum, the biggest maritime museum in Turkey, and how to get there. There are about 20 thousand works in Istanbul Maritime Museum. This beautiful museum, however, is a first military museum established in our country, with a great selection with the diversity of the works it houses.

In 1897, a small building in Istanbul was founded under the name of Museum and Library Administration as a result of great efforts. At that time nobody predicted that this building, which was opened as a museum store in the first time, would become such a big and important one in the future.

In addition to the reforms made in 1914, the museum was reformed and the museum was restructured in scientific and technical terms. Due to the danger created by World War II, the artifacts were moved to Anatolian territory. At the end of the war, the works were brought back to Istanbul. The works were transferred to Dolmabahçe Mosque Complex as a result of the conditions brought about by the circumstances at that time. The work was opened to the public on September 27, 1948. In 1961 the museum was moved to its present position.

The main exhibition building of the museum has 3 floors and has an area of 1500 square meters. It is set up as 4 large saloons and 17 rooms at the building will be exhibit space. The museum was recently restored and opened for public visit on 4 October 2013.

Founders of the Sea

Some of the pieces belonging to Ertuğrul Yacht, iron chain used by Byzantine to close the Golden Horn waters, model with parts of Nusret mine ship, İnebahtı Sea Battle , A sandbar of Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha, sandals used by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in Florya, many paintings and weapons belonging to many naval battles, special items belonging to Rauf Orbay, models of many gays belong to different histories Many materials and clothing used in maritime by maritime documents and information.

Books: Atlas and maps, foreign books, old writing books, Turkish books,

Magazines: Military Magazine, Military History Documents Magazine, Military History Bulletin, Navy Magazine, Navy Magazine, Navy Magazine, Harp Historical Magazine, Ordu Magazine, Armed Forces Magazine, Army Orders, Strategic Survey Bulletin

Turkish maps: 1870-1871 Prussian War in France 452 – 322, Germany 446 – 399, America 452 – 365, Asia 452 – 385, Map of Asia – Osmani 452 – 399, Baghdad from Baghdad 452 – 346, Iraq – Mosul 452 Turkey Edirne Iskenderköy 452 – 302, Turkey Edirne Karayusuf 452 – 308, Turkey Istanbul Mudarlı 452 – 326, Turkey Istanbul Şile Agva 452 – 318, Turkey Izmit (Turkey) 452 – 381, Manchuria 452 – 381, Ruscuk Town 452 – 391, Turkey Adapazarı 452 – 316 Turkey Edirne Iskenderköy 452 – 302, 452 – 313

You also have the chance to get the goods you like from gift items at a cheaper price than the market price. There are also educational games for children at the entrance of the building.