The garden, which is the main medicinal plant cultivate in Turkey, was based on a 14 section of land region and opened in 2005. Zeytinburnu Municipality and the Head of the General Directorate of the General Directorate of Health and Social Affairs (GIDS) mutually led this venture. Plant squanders in the garden are assessed as regular composts and engineered manures and pharmaceuticals are not utilized.

At the point when the institutional goals are inspected, it is comprehended that the foundation of this garden is a decent business for our nation. A portion of the points of the association are as per the following: To research and deliver the restorative plants and to advance them, To guarantee the assurance and change of the plant species, To give the controlled utilization of the medicinal plants and energize the general population, To meet the essential apparatuses and the working range for the preparation programs.

Something you should know about when you go to the garden is your hypersensitivity to plants. On the off chance that you have been confronted with such a circumstance some time recently, you might need to do a hypersensitivity test and go to the garden.

ZTBB gives therapeutic classes. What’s more, you can partake in workshops in the garden, volunteer cultivating. You can discover an entry level position in the garden as indicated by the division you read.

Here are a portion of the occupations that are given to volunteer planters:

Cleaning weeds, nursery cleaning, water system, seedling planting, plant changing, taking a gander at poultry and haven. The individuals who need to volunteer cultivating need to educate the garden units a couple days back.

A few Sections in Zeytinburnu Medical Plant Gardens

Herbarium: The plants are accumulated when they achieve the blossoming state, they are dried by printing, stuck to the containers and afterward kept in the cooler. It is then marked and protected in herbarium cupboards. The Herbarium name records every one of the qualities of the plant, from the Latin name to the plant family.

Nursery: This nursery is of extraordinary significance for the garden, giving the most great conditions to plants originating from locales of the world with assorted atmospheres.

Research center: In the lab, the structure of plants is inspected, unstable and settled oils are acquired, salves, creams, aromas, cologne and cleansers are made. Notwithstanding these, kefir, known as extremely solid, is being created and plant concentrates are being set up against plant destructiveness.

Drying Room: Plants gathered and no more appropriate time for preparing are set in the drying chamber retires, dried and bundled and kept in the cooler for a couple days.

Arkabahce: In this area, the felines in the garden are home to puppies, rabbits, ducks, chickens, chickens, turtles, honey bees, feathered creatures and bugs. Thus, the visit investigates nature all in all and adds shading to the scene.

Sun Clock and Nature Calendar: It has a 52-week nature date-book and a sunlight based clock on it. This building, which attracts regard for its inventiveness and appearance, attracts consideration regarding the individuals who come to visit the garden.

A few Products and Prices

Fideler: Painted Pelin (5 TL), vast chamomile (10 TL), strawberry (5 TL), eastern appeal (10 TL), lemon turkey (5 TL), water hyacinth (20 TL), wavy mint ,

Since the prickly plants are not in Turkish, I will give just a single item: Sedum morganianum “Buretti” (20TL)

Obviously there is more, you can get it when you come here; Vegetable oils, Honey, Kefir, Gifts are likewise accessible.