Galatasaray is the island which was given to Sarkis Balya in 1872 by Sultan Abdulaziz. Consequently, this island has been called Sarkış Bey Island for a long time. In 1914 Company-i Hayriye began to utilize this island as a coal store and later served as a station giving fuel to the ferry. In 1957, Galatasaray Sports Club was purchased by Sadik Giz, the president of Galatasaray Sports Club, and introduced to the club individuals for utilizing. After this date, the name of the island got to be Galatasaray Island. The surface range of the island is 6 thousand 900 square meters.

The island of Galatasaray is found 165 meters from the bank of Kurucesme in the Bosphorus, is still an island having a place with the Galatasaray club. In 2006, Mehmet Kocarslan was enlisted by the name of the individual who gave the name of the individual who leased SuAda. Galatasaray is an eatery and diversion scene since the date of the rent. It is a place where you can have fun and have a ton of fun with a sublime view. Right now, this island, likewise called the Paradise Corner, was changed into a social office as a Galatasaray sports club. Galatasaray Sports Club has been doled out to the Water Ball Branch. The club has turned the north from the south of the island into an extensive oceanside swimming pool from the north.

What’s in Galatasaray?

A portion of the exercises that Galatasaray Sports Club performs includes: Divan Board Meetings, exceptional title festivities, unique limited time gatherings and uncommon suppers.

G-Fish, Suda Kebab, THA Lotus, Mezzaluna, 360, Elementine and Mikro Lagüne. On the Galatasaray name, there is an eatery that has been working since 2006 as Shuada container. A wide range of tastes having a place with Turkish food is likewise offered to guests in the eatery.

Istanbul is the main island amidst the Bosphorus. Situated on Galatasaray Island, SuAda Restaurant offers impeccable tastes and special joys to all visitors, particularly Galatasaray Club individuals. The eatery, situated on the island under the name of Lion Restaurant, offers us a sublime perspective of the Bosphorus and offers a heavenly inside outline and remarkable minutes.

It is situated in the Olympic pool in Suadiye. This Olympic pool offers an exceptional wonder benefit in the vicinity of 09.00 and 02.00 consistently amid the mid-year months. Galatasaray Island is a gigantic place for the individuals who can not travel for quite a while. The individuals who give themselves to the day by day occasion will be exceptionally satisfied with the present. The Olympic pool, which utilizes ocean water as per the most recent framework treatment units and wellbeing data principles, is an option excursion escape. It is one of the best circumstances to unwind while sitting in the ocean bed, sunbathing with sun beams, savoring drinks the neighborhood, the wonderful view with music backup. Between the two mainlands, amidst the Bosphorus you can not discover anyplace on the planet is a favored key.