Yıldız Palace, where the Bosphorus almost made its kingdom, III. It is known that Selim ‘s mother was built by Mihrişah Sultan. The outside view is as nice as the interior. It is surrounded by a large pool in the form of a pond, tree communities and unique vegetation.
This palace, which has an area of ​​500.000 m2, has been used as a hunting ground by the sultans since Süleyman the Magnificent. It was built by Sultan Ahmed I in the first march and then in Sultan IV. Murat was used as a place to rest when he was hunted. III. Selim ‘s mother made a second hurricane to Mihrişah Sultan and this kasra was given the name “Yıldız”.
Sultan III. After Selim II, the Sultan II. Mahmut came here to observe the arrow shots and wrestling sports held at the Star garden. This sultan built a pavilion in this area and arranged the surrounding area with a garden.
Sultan II. Sultan Abdülmecit, the son of Mahmut, destroyed these mansions and made a mosaic named “Kasr-i Dilşüke” in 1842 and gave it to his mother, Bezm-i Alem Sultan. After Sultan Abdülmecit was reduced from the throne, V. Murat came to the throne instead and was living in this palace for 92 days during his reign. After 92 days with the reason of mental illness, V. Murat, who had been raped by the throne, was replaced by his brother II. Abdulhamid has arrived.
Sultan Abdulaziz and his older brother Sultan Murat ‘ın are the seaside of Dolmabahçe Palace which is the scene of their residence following each other. He completed his 33 year reign in Abdülhamid at Yıldız Palace. II. After Sultan Abdulhamid, the Sultan Mehmet Resat Hususi was in the mansion called the apartment and died in 1918. After his death VI. Mehmet Vahideddin was brought to the throne and from time to time he visited the Yıldız Palace and resided in the Dolmabahçe Palace.
This palace, which was used as a military building for a long time, was transferred to the Ministry of Culture in 1978 and later allocated to the Yıldız Palace Directorate. In 1994, the museum was able to carry out museum activities, and the Saray Theater and the Performing Arts Museum were opened for the first time.
Yildiz Palace, which is built on a large area and is located on an area of ​​about 80 acres, is an important museum with its rich furniture, decoration, carpet and large size ceramic tiles. This palace, where the sultans of our history lived, has a unique view of the Bosphorus in its complex and embrace.