It is among the unique beaches of the world because of the presence of salt water on the other side of the Iztuzu Beach, with fresh water on one side and sand on the golden yellow sea. The beach is 5,400 meters long and the people of this beach and the caretta carettalar are living peacefully. Travelers use the Iztuzu Beach to cool off during the day while the sea turtles use it to lay their eggs to maintain their generation. Iztuzu Beach has a non-deep structure and even if you go to open dozens of meters you do not exceed your neck, so you can spend pleasant hours with your children and non-swimming relatives.
Iztuzu Beach is the home of sea turtles; Every year, thousands of adult sea turtles come to Iztuzu, which is one of the rare beaches in our country that are left natural. The beach, which has been preserved for many years by the people of the region, is among the few remaining natural beaches on the Earth. Caretta Carettars leave their eggs only on clean and natural beaches. We can understand that İztuzu Beach is clean and natural from these properties of sea turtles. Eggs from sea turtles to Iztuzu; The beach is important. The water on the side of Iztuzu Beach where the boat is going is sweet. Those who do not want to swim in salt water in the beach can easily go to the lake water. There is a fresh water pond where you can go by car but you can not swim here. Because the marsh is mildly observed in the lake, but it is undoubtedly a unique place for the landscape. Sea salt, which completely surrounds the beach, has a slightly higher salt content but does not disturb swimming.
The coast has been declared a sanctuary. Sea turtles are the places where they leave their eggs. Sahie boats and minibuses are available. As we mentioned earlier, it is very difficult to find examples of this beach, which is a salty side of fresh water. The deep blue sea has a transparent sea and the alpine waters have fine sand. You can spend a pleasant holiday with your family and loved ones in Iztuzu.