Muğla’s Marmaris district, this place also offers the opportunity to walk on the sea, the formation is 600 meters long on average. When you look at people walking in this region from the top, it seems as though you are walking on the sea. Those who witnessed this situation for the first time can not hide their astonishment. Although our country has developed and interesting places about tourism, we can say that it is totally different from other ones that have Kizkumu. This settlement area, which is one of the old Greek villages, has been called ‘Kırvasil’, which means ‘Crushing Vail’ in the past periods. Wherever you look, the village sea, which has a history of 2200 years, pine trees and historical treasures are able to attract visitors to it.
In this village, which is 28 km away from Marmaris, there are a few hundred villagers living their lives. It is a very quiet place and it is also ideal for those who go on a boat to travel. You can pick up and eat from the orange or lemon garden in your own hands.
The story of Kokkumu

Many years ago, the beautiful daughter of the king of the region fell in love with a poor fisherman boy. Now the king does not give his daughter to the fisherman as classically as they are in the world, and they are strongly opposed to their marriage. As such, they continue to confide secretly away from the two lovers. Soon the king hears this, decides not to follow her daughter. The fisherman came from the sea, the girl had been waiting for him on the beach, the boy was shedding light to show his place, and the sun would be in love games until the sun was coming.

One night the soldiers catch the girl by the command of the king and replace the girl and shed light on the fisherman from the beach. As the fisherman, who starts to paddle when he sees the light, goes to the soldiers who are waiting for him, he continues to draw the paddle without knowing it, but the girl who succeeds in escaping the soldiers with the last move is running towards the girl he likes. The girl, aware of this, darkens her eyes and starts running towards the water, and from that moment miracles happen and every water she turns into turns into a sandy beach. In the same way, the soldiers who are floating in the water are buried in the water. The girl is able to run to the rock with a last effort, but at that time one of the soldiers is blowing the arrow and the arrow is hit by the girl.After that day the custom is painted with the blood of the sand, She takes the girl with her and moves away from there. After that day, neither of them can get any further news.