Historical and Touristic Places in the Vicinity of Izmir – Chapter 6

They established these building in the parasite like parts of Turkey. Therefore let’s tell you briefly these places which will satisfy and entertain you in every respect. Bodrum town which is 170 Kms. distance to Akkoy is a resort. We think that it will be the best resort for you because of its nice wine, sea, and calmness. Its highway is asphalt and smooth. There are hotels, hostels, and boarding houses. Besides, there is a historical castle of Bodrum. Marmaris which is 60 km. distance to MUGLA is known as a paradise in the tourism of world. You can find the best of sea and nature. And also after seeing and resorting in Koycegiz which has 67 Kms. distance to MUGLA, we let you its appreciation. Altin Kum `(Golden SAND) beach in Didim, Kua Adasi (Bird Island) near Ephesus are the leading places where you can stay as a host. After giving you this information let’s turn back to IZMIR and thence let’s go to the other direction. This time the place that we will see will be BERGAMA (Pergamon) which has a great historical and archeological importance and which is in the southern part of IZMIR and which is 110 km. far away.
DIDYMA – APOLLO TEMPLE: This great monument which is not ruined throughout the ages is in the southern port of Miletos. Us the columns which are left from the columns, decorated in Doric-Style, are as whole as the original ones. The monument is situated on 112 columns. It has been built first on a 38.39×85.15 m area 560-550 BC.
CESME shores have been the biggest resort place of this area with great touristic establishments. Touristic facilities of Altin Yunus, with 1000 beds which started out its service in 1974 is a holiday campus for the tourists with cheap food.