Ancient Ephesus of Turkey Aegean Coastline – Chapter 4

In the road junction, there are a lot of buildings and a house of entering- containment (love) below. The ruins of the library of Celsus appear up to the south of Agora. This building was made to construct by Aquila the first in order to commemorate his father Celsus Ptolemaeanus the first who was then the governor of Asia and was first inaugurated with a ceremony in 135 A.D.
The book volumes have been kept in the sanctuaries. Under the back wall, there is a cell of the grave in which the tomb of Celsus exists. In the west is the remainders of the temple of Sedaris. This temple was made for Sedaris, a god of Egypt to do his religious Services. In front of this temple which is 29 m. long, there are columns that are 12. m. high.
One can come to the door of Moses-Mithriades through the library of Celsus and thence to Agora.
Agora is a marketplace which is founded on a field of 12100 square m. It is surrounded with saloons with columns of which there are a lot of Stores, inside the saloons are covered with marbles cut in squares. At the end of city walls which were remained from the Hellenistic era, in the city and is in a ruin. After passing Agora they can come to the great theater. The theater which was started to be built in 98 A.D. by King Trajan was completed in 117 A.D. after 19 years of working. It consists of 66 rows of sitting. It has the capacity of containing about 24.000 onlookers. Beside this theater and pertaining to it, there is Arkadiane in the west. This is the Street of demonstration moment with columns that were to construct by King Arcadius in the year of 400 A.D. There are still some intact and erect columns. There are Verulanus saloons in the north part of the columns of Arkadius. This is known as a place where all kinds of sports were executed.