Ephesus Ancient City of Aegean Coastline

Ephesus Ancient City: It is to the south of Izmir and is 76 km. far from it. There are Johannes Basilica, Isabey Mosque, and city castle in the west of Selcuk town. The remnants of Ephesus are 3 km. west of this area. One can go there by car or on fact. The most ancient settlement area of Ephesus is the zone near the gate of Koressos.
This area has been a settlement since about 2000 years B.C. Ephesus has been founded with the order of a commander of Alexandre the great on a narrow isthmus between Panaytrdagi (Pion) and Bülbüldagi (Koressos).
The most definite reminders of this city exist here today. The city was invaded by Pergamon in 190 years B.C. and after the death of the last King of Bergama in 133 (B.C), the city was captured by Romans.
Mithridates the third, the king of Pontus planned a revolt against Ro¬mans in 88 B.C. and has killed numerous Romans. After the putting down the riot, Ephesus became one of the richest and the most important cities of Asia. He played a great role in the events of Christianity after this epoch. He had the door of Artemis Temple in the city of Apostel Paulus coated with silver between the years of 55-58 B.C. and got the people to believe that this action was a service for Christianity. But silversmiths at the large theater. They asked Apostel why he spent such a big amount of silver here. Apostel succeeded in putting down the riot convincing and telling the silversmiths the importance of Christianity.
Later on, Ephesus became the last settlement of Apostel Johannes and. Sacred Virgin Mary. Gots, 262, burned and put down the famous Arte¬mis temple which is one of seven wönders in the world.
In this place which is visited today as the home of Virgin Mary, a general council was held in which the nobles of İstanbul Patriarch were sentenced. In the same council, Virgin Mary’s quality of motherhood was raised to the holiness.