Explore Izmir History and Touristic Places – Chapter 1

Izmir, which is a lovely port city on the shore of Egean sea, was da¬maged in the war of Independence. After this war, as if Izmir had bean built a new and therefore it has a new and modern view now. The fact that many tribes had lived in this area is of a great value in view of arc¬heology. Everything exists for the need of a tourist inside Izmir and oit¬side. Daily tours are arranged for the historical and archeological areas outside the city. These are Ephesus, Bergama, Milet, The monument of Apollon, Didyma, and Priene. It is possible to visit them with daily short tours.
The history of IZMIR
Ancient Izmir (Smyrna) was not established in the place of the city of today but near BAYRAKLI slightly in the North (3000 B.C). Smyrna (Izmir) and Troy (Truva – Canakkale) were then important great cities of the southern Anatolia. Ions conquered Smyrna about 800 years B.C. The epoch of ions was ended by an invasion by the king of Alyettes the third of Lidia (600 B.C).
The great Alexandre ordered his commanders, Lysimachus and Anti¬gonas, a new Izmir to be founded and the new city was founded at the foot of Paphos (Kadifekale).The city was attacked many times in its place of today, and finally, it lost its ancient atmosphere by the Greek-Turkish war in 1922. and being restored again it was transformed into its new state of today.
The places which you can visit in Izmir:
Kadifekale: Was made to be found by commander Lysimachos with the order of Alexandre the great.
The round towers of this castle whose walls and bases have been re¬mained were built by Byzantinians. Later they were restored by Turks-several times. Kadifekale is a place where we can best see Izmir. It is possible to watch the magnificent scenery of Izmir Gulf which extends southwards.