Pergamon Ancient City in Aegean Coastline of Turkey – Chapter 3

Pergamum: This charming small town is situated at the north of Izmir, 110 km far from it. Transportation is done ly road and railway. There are a sufficient number of hotels, motels, and restaurants. The historical masterpieces surrounding it invites the tourists to visit this small town.
Asklepion and Asklepion Theater: The theater was bu¬ilt for 3500 audiences. The auditorium was in the shape of a half circle as in the Roman theaters and as accustomed by the Romans, the upper seats were covered by a low gallery in Ionic style.
Nike Sculpture: (Goddess of Victory) is in the Archeological Museum of Pergamon.
Library: is been built by Eumenes 11.200 000 books were known to be in the library, but the original plan of the library shows that it co- lucent contain such a great number of books. Therefore one may think that one part of the books was kept somewhere else. During the invasion of Alexandrapolis by Ceasar, the library was burnt and Kleopatra let them bring to Egypt as a gift of Antonius.
Great Theatre: Raising with a sharp and high slope of the hill and forming an effective profile, the Bergama Theatre is one of the most beautiful masterpieces of the Hel¬lenistic Age. There are 80 steps-seats for 10 000 audiences.
Zeus Altar: is situated on a 69×77 m area. The battle between the gods and the giants is demonst¬rated on a 120×2.30 m board raised in relief. As a monument, representing the Greek gods, the altar is important. The altar is kept in Berlin.
Demeter Temple: This temple covers an area of 100×50 m on a terrace. The temple is been built by Oppolonis, wife of Attolos 1. (241-197 B.C.) seem.
Dionysus Temple: In fact, the emperors of Ephesus planned to build this stri¬king temple at the northern side of the 250 m long theatre-terrace which viewed the vast courtyard. People walking from south to north along the theater terrace were watching amazingly this magnificent building. It was built in Ion-Style surro¬unded by many columns. The common basis of the column lines was 11.80×20.20m. The front side of the building was at the north since it should conform to the geog-reply and geology of the place. A 4.5 in staircase was leading to this building.